General Dental Care

Victoria Dental offers general dental care to our patients. Ranging from tooth extractions, wisdom tooth care, root canal treatment, and adolescent dental care, whatever your issue, we can help you regain a confident smile. Our experienced dentists are dedicated to making your visit at our clinic as relaxed and stress free as possible. Come into our dental service if you or your child need general dental care and our team can help solve your issues!

Our General Dental Services

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments work to repair and save an infected tooth. Our experienced dentists will ensure you can get back to your normal activities.


Wisdom Tooth

At Victoria Street Dental we can help with wisdom teeth removal. Regular check ups ensure that you will have no issues with your wisdom tooth.


Tooth Extractions

Our experienced dentists will extract your damaged teeth in the most pain free and quickest way possible. We will ensure you are always comfortable!

Adolescent Dental Care

If your children require dental care, we will ensure a friendly group of dentists takes care of them. We want them to leave our office happy and healthy!