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Are you searching for the best Wellington braces? What if there was an easier way?

In today’s blog, we’re taking a look at how braces compare to the future of corrective dentistry – Invisalign.
If you’re someone with dental issues such as crowding, spacing, or an excessive overbite, then you’re looking for a solution that won’t impact your lifestyle beyond what you’re comfortable with. Many people are sent running by the image of traditional metal braces, and nobody can blame them. Pain, pressure, and alarmingly frequent doctor’s visits to tighten or adjust braces are just some of the drawbacks of the traditional method.
Invisalign offers correction for:
• Spacing
• Crossbite
• Open Bite
• Crowding
• Excessive Overjet
• Deep Bite

So, let’s talk about why Invisalign might be the better choice for you.


Reasons to choose Invisalign over braces

They’re better for your self-esteem

Unfortunately, traditional metal braces are very visible and can impact your self-esteem. The goal of dental correction is to make you feel better about your smile, and most people won’t want to wait the 6 months to 2 years it takes to remove metal braces in order to see results. The inventors of Invisalign took this into account when formulating the technology. The clear retainer-like structure of the Invisalign orthodontic tray is shaped by your clinician using ClinCheck™ Software to fit your teeth perfectly, meaning that it is virtually invisible to those around you.
Because why not feel better about your smile right now?

They’re more hygienic

The idea of dental correction is to improve your dental hygiene, right? The problem is, braces can make it harder to brush and floss regularly. In the time you’re undergoing correction, your teeth may become more susceptible to plaque build-up, and halitosis (bad breath) could become a looming figure in your life.
Invisalign clear aligners are removable to combat this problem. You can brush and floss just as easily as before, and you are also encouraged to clean the trays themselves to prevent staining or plaque build-up.
And, since they are removable, you’re able to eat your favourite foods without restrictions. After all, who would want to be denied popcorn?

Invisalign is far more comfortable

Braces are known for being rather uncomfortable! Tightening, the placement of bands, and cuts and nicks from the metal itself are all possible obstacles you could face during this kind of treatment. Invisalign offers a custom-tailored series of orthodontic trays. Made to fit your teeth precisely, these trays are far more comfortable. Your correction course, tailor made by your clinician, means that every two weeks your Invisalign tray will change shape to gradually correct your teeth, with only the first few days of each new tray exhibiting any uncomfortable pressure.
A bonus here is a distinct decline in the number of doctor’s visits you will have to endure. The correction course is formulated so that you change the trays out yourself at the right time: no painful tightening sessions!


Want to know more?

If you’re considering dental correction, come to us at Victoria Street Dental we’ll help you find out if Invisalign is right for you. Consultation is free, and you’ll have the chance to see your treatment plan from start to finish. To learn more about Invisalign, take a look at the official website or learn about what to expect. Don’t settle for anything less than the best dentist Wellington has to offer – contact us today!

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